Group Health

Atlantic Group Plans specializes in affordable health insurance for your company. We cater to all size businesses; there is no company too small or large.

Plan Designs

There is not a one size fits all approach. After careful analysis, our consultants will recommend customized, cost-effective solutions for your company, including:


Small group in NY (< 100) follows community rating underwriting standards; meaning all plans offered will be uniform and the same price regardless what brokerage services your group. Large group (100+) is rated to your demographics. We, as your broker, have the ability to negotiate the rates and renewals.


Professional Employer Organizations bundle tasks such as payroll processing, employee benefits administration, workers’ compensation insurance, and other HR-related functions. They allow small groups to access significantly cheaper large group rates and make overall administration easier than ever before.


HSA-eligible health insurance plans typically offer lower premiums in exchange for higher out-of-pocket costs. These plans may be a good fit for individuals who are generally healthy or business owners. HSA gives enrollees a triple tax savings. A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is set up along side an HSA plan. The account utilizes company funds to assist with the payment of claims. The savings remain with the company.

Self + Level Funded

A Self-funded health plan is a self insurance arrangement whereby the employer assumes a portion of the financial risk. Level-funded health plans is a hybrid between fully-insured and self-funded plans, where the employer pays a fixed premium each month, with the potential to receive a refund if claims are lower than expected.

Major Carriers

United Healthcare / Oxford

United Healthcare is one of the largest health insurer with 3 networks (Freedom, Liberty and Metro) offering the most choices throughout the tri-state area. With plans to meet any need, United Healthcare remains a leading choice for health insurance coverage.


Cigna is a global health service company that provides a wide range of health insurance services to individuals, employers, and governments. They encourage wellness programs, employee assistance programs, and other services to help promote overall health and well-being to be offered throughout the year.


Empire is one of the biggest alternatives to UHC in terms of network size and plan options. Their 3 networks, PPO/EPO, Blue Access and Connection sacrifice ~2% network size compared to United, but have sustained lower premiums over the past few years. A great option many have been switching to.


Healthfirst is a non-profit health insurance company that provides affordable, high-quality healthcare coverage in New York City and Long Island. With a mission to improve the health of its members and the communities it serves, Healthfirst routinely enhances member experience, and drives better health outcomes.


Aetna entered the small group market a few years ago after being in the large group space for years prior. An extensive network that includes most providers, Aetna provides comprehensive lower-cost options. However, Aetna does not offer Platinum plan options.


Emblem is a local tri-state non-profit carrier that has 3 networks (Prime, Select Care, and Millennium) that includes most area hospitals. The only carrier without participation requirements (outside of the Federal Open Enrollment Period), Emblem can be a good option for supplementing other coverage.


Founded in 2012, Oscar has grown to be major player in individual and Medicare markets over more than 20 states. Embracing technology has delivered more personalized insight for members, hoping that boosting engagement will drive down costs and illnesses leading to less painful increases.


Healthpass is referred to as a “mini exchange” where groups can mix and match plans with greater freedom from participation requirements as well as compliance assistance built into their services. There is an administration fee in addition to premiums, but Healthpass can help certain groups offer benefits in cases they wouldn’t otherwise qualify for.

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